Yakima doesn't have an identity crisis.


Yakima has a perception crisis.

This publication has sprouted from the seed of an idea dating back to 2010. As this city has grown and changed (and inevitably experienced the growing pains of a once-small agricultural town), it became clear that what Yakima needed was a mirror. Yakima needs to be reminded of EVERYthing it is; good, bad, and indifferent. Just like every reader, this city is more than just one aspect of its personality. At Denizen, we don’t ignore the good things, but we also aren’t wearing rose-colored glasses.

Yakima isn’t just wine tours, and crime, and Smalltown USA, and stagnant local politics, and amazing volunteer organizations….

Yakima is all of those things, and dozens more descriptors that you could probably tack on.

Denizen exists to give residents a new perspective; to allow outsiders a glimpse of a place that has many of the same issues and bright spots as their own hometown; and to gather Yakima-flavored writings about places, issues, and ideas from all over.

Every month you can expect a mix of essays on a variety of topics, literature, long-format interviews, travelogues, reviews, artist profiles, and whatever else you deem worthwhile as a reader.

We want you to connect and start conversations that might not be taking place anywhere else; to make more frequent connections with your community. Above all, we exist to engage in conversation with other denizens of a worldview that supersedes borders and cultures; to promote openness, curiosity, love, empathy, and appreciation for quality in everyday life.